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Technology is a huge part of my life, and I’m interacting with it as I write this blog, and you are too when being notified of its existence, then you will either ignore it or read it, certainly a benefit of the use of technology, and there is no doubt that the impact of technology at work is easy to see, however, technology is very much a double-edged sword, it can work for us but also against us, and I’m not talking about small movements in each direction either. In this blog, I will look at how small adjustments can help technology work for us and not let it take control.

Technology should be used to make our life’s easier, but not to a point where we need it to exist, and I believe that the most satisfying things in life are when we are interacting with other humans and our environment, so let’s use technology so we can create more of those moments not less.

Firstly lets start with our working week, for sure businesses have benefited hugely from digital technologies which has increased our productivity, however, when the lines start blurring between our work and personal life as they can do so easily, especially during these recent months when most of us have been working from home, being an always-on employee will have negative effects in the end, which will lead to performance and health issues, you need to start setting boundaries and unplug from your work, here are some tips for doing so.

Tips for your working week

1. Turn off notifications outside your working hours, for anything urgent make it a point to tell your clients and colleagues they should call for this purpose.

2. Take a proper lunch-break away from your desk, whether that be at home or in the office, it’s called a ‘break’ for a reason, sitting at your desk eating your sarnie, does not count.

3. When taking a break, take a device break too, stay away from your PC and mobile devices.

4. Good time management is very important to ease stress and give you back more time to do personal related tasks, start practicing it.

What do we do when we are not working, or taking a break from work, are we utilizing this time effectively to have meaningful experiences? 

We all suffer from the problem of using our mobile devices too much, we finish work and we are straight on our phones messaging, we watch television and at the same time we are sat with our phones, we take our children to a sport class, and we sit there on our phones, and I’m pretty sure during the majority of these times, you are not reading a book, your either browsing the internet, chatting or watching complete non-sense on Youtube, in-fact your wondering how you got to that video in the first place, its not good. 

Sharing a picture with a family member of your daughter performing ballet is a good use of technology, but constant messaging just for the sake of it isn’t, unless of course there is a bigger picture at play, like dating for instance. But still, actual human interaction is a much better experience than a virtual one, here are some tips for you.

Tips for your personal life

1. Set a time period each day for ‘casual’ messaging, don’t let it control you and don’t think that you have to respond to every message as they come in. For anything urgent, ring them or they can ring you.

2. When you next take your kids to their activity, use your phone only for taking pictures as a camera, then put it back in your pocket, pay attention to their progress.

3. Only use your phone as soon as you wake-up to switch off your alarm, don’t interact with Facebook or WhatsApp as your first action of the day, drinking water or exercising would be much more beneficial.

4. Have a good clean of your apps, delete what you don’t use regularly, this will reduce notifications and distractions.

Remembering that those of us that choose to take some breaks from technology are wanting quiet time to reflect, more family time and less stress overall. Good luck!

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